Kai Kamm, Dr.rer.nat.

+49 511 953 8402

Coming from evolutionary developmental biology, with the main focus on the evolution of homeobox genes in diploblasts, my current research focuses on comparative genomics in the phylum Placozoa. A placozoan genome is roughly 100Mb small and with Next Generation Sequencing Techniques we plan to sequence, assemble and analyse several placozoan genomes and transcriptomes. This offers the possibility to catalogue the genetic diversity of an entire phylum, to identify genetic mechanisms that may have driven speciation in Placozoa and to identify genes under selection. At the same time, urgently needed functional studies will be greatly facilitated.



2002 - 2007 PhD at the Leibniz-University-Hannover. Dissertation title: "Hox, ANTP and Homeobox Gene Evolution in Metazoa: Insights from Cnidaria". Graduation with Dr. rer. nat.

Since October 2014 Postdoc at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, TiHo-Hannover Working topic: comparative genomics in Placozoa





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